Condition is everything outside of supply and demand. Boards in better condition and with all the original parts command more money and are more desirable than boards that are beat, broken or missing parts. Board values are drastically affected by modifications. The worst thing you can do to a board in terms of lowering its value is to drill holes in it or paint it. Wood boards are more likely to have wood rot, layer delaminations or UV damage. Remember, your fingers can see better than your eyes. Run your fingers along the edges and base to make sure you see everything.

Below are some general guidelines for grading conditions:


Not a scratch in the base or topsheet. No marks. No stickers.
It is in perfect condition like you bought it new in the store today.
All parts present and original.


May have superficial marks on top sheet or base. No damage anywhere.


Five or less minor chips and dings around edges or scratches on base.
Parts are there but show sings of obvious use.


May have many imperfections, dings or scratches (ten or less).

Obvious signs of use. Missing or replaced parts, deep scratches.


Edge blows, delaminations, multiple imperfections (ten or more).
Core shots to base, missing or broken parts, spray painted, holes drilled in board.