The "Utah Snowboard Museum" is the world’s largest collection of vintage snowboards, housing over 1,000 vintage snowboards and skateboards. The goal of the Utah Snowboard Museum is to document and preserve the early history of snowboarding and it’s cross over sports.

The Snowboard Museum was inadvertently started in 1981 and came into full bloom in 1989. It is it self funded with donations.

The Museum is housed by Salty Peaks Snowboard Shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. The walls and ceilings are lined with snowboards tagged with their model and year. There is also an impressive collection of vintage skateboards hanging from the rafters and a wall of fame signed by anyone who’s anyone in snowboarding. Don’t forget to visit the Snurfer room

Among the notable boards on display at the Utah Snowboard Museum are: many one of a kind and prototype boards from around the world dating back to the 1940’s; boards used by early pioneers and pros of snowboarding; the longest snowboards in the world, and unique boards you will not see any place else.

In addition to its main display at Salty Peaks, the Utah Snowboard Museum has been responsible for old board displays – short term or permanent – at the Utah State Capitol, Brighton Ski Resort, the SIA trade show, the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas, the Mountain Dew tour, and the Honda Element tour and the Olympics just to name a few.

The museum is currently looking for more space.  If you know of any location that would like to house a vintage board display whether for a week, a year, or permanently, please contact us.